Bernau / Germany

Concept A large dynamic roof appears to float above the plot. The design was chosen to be visually captivating and engaging. The dynamic shape is intended to convey fluidity and provoke a feeling of being in a highly innovative science-fiction environment. As an essential aspect of this exhibition, new technology and devices developed for metal 3D printing and fabrication were showcased. We chose to create a semi-closed area that generates curiosity and expectation through its extravagant appearance. Entering it leads to an exhibition space with mirroring lamellae that create a magical moment of effects to present the latest machines and devices where the production chain is shown. Multifunctional Desk The design includes areas for exhibition desks, including illuminated vitrines for 3D printed prototypes, a table with an interactive screen for presentations or demos. Furthermore, several areas for retro-lit graphic applications are foreseen to communicate the most important key messages. Areas The floor follows an inviting gesture, differentiating the specific areas by changing the material. The main areas are the demo, bar, meeting, and special exhibit room. Colors As usual, the design applies the corporate colors within the space.